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Eating for Change: Global and Local Perspectives on Food and Transformation

May 16, 2018
from 08:00 AM to 06:00 PM

SS&H 273

With support from the UC Davis Department of Sociology, the Jewish Studies Program at UC Davis, and the Israel Institute, this one-day conference will take on notions of change and transformation underpinning contemporary and historical processes of food production, consumption, and distribution. 

Join us as we ask: In what ways do food and foodways partake in social change? How are new culinary trends affected by contemporary cultural, economic, technological and political processes? What is the role of food in struggles for social justice and equity? How are interactions between states, markets, social movements and individuals shaping and re-shaping food practices today? 

Conference Topics: 
Food, science and technology; Culinary culture and consumption; Local and regional food policies and the political economy of food in USA, Israel, Jordan, Vietnam, Ecuador and Mexico.

Food is provided throughout the day, and all are welcome to attend.