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ISS Conference: Leading Research in the Social Sciences Today

This Institute for Social Sciences inaugural conference takes place on three consecutive Fridays. It will showcase the world-class research by social scientists across UC Davis and by top researchers from across the country. Each day of the conference will focus on a unique aspect of inquiry, including people in societies, perceptions and reality and the role of social networks in decision making.

May 08, 2015
from 08:00 AM to 06:00 PM

Multiple Locations at UC Davis

UC Davis is home to an incredible array of researchers who embrace and embody interdisciplinary opportunities, which ISS was in part established to foster and advance. The conference topics and talks reflect what we believe to be the leading edge of social sciences research.  

The conference takes place over three consecutive Fridays in April and May. Attendance is free and open to the public, but space is limited. Registration is required, and space is first-come, first-served.

This conference is co-sponsored by the Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food Science, the Davis Humanities Institute and the Center for Regional Change. 

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DAY 1: Perception is Reality 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Walter A. Buehler Alumni Center, AGR Room and UC Davis Conference Center 

How Perception is Shaped   
Moderator: Kimberlee Shauman, UC Davis, Sociology
Amber Boydstun, UC Davis, Political Science
Kimberly Elsbach, UC Davis, Graduate School of Management
G. Cristina Mora, UC Berkeley, Sociology

How Perception Shapes Reality
Moderator: Bo Feng, UC Davis, Communication
Alison Ledgerwood, UC Davis, Psychology
Jorge Peña, UC Davis, Communication
Clifford Saron, UC Davis, Center for Mind and Brain

Keynote session
Amy Cuddy, Harvard Business School

How Perception Shapes Taste  
Moderator: Patrick Farrell, UC Davis, Linguistics
Charlotte Biltekoff, UC Davis, American Studies and Food Science and Technology  
Hildegarde Heymann, UC Davis, Viticulture and Enology 

Opening Reception Celebrating the Launch of ISS

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DAY 2: Society Counts

Friday, May 1, 2015
Walter A. Buehler Alumni Center, AGR ROOM

Big Data: Measuring Us   
Moderator: Brad Jones, UC Davis, Political Science   
Martin Hilbert, UC Davis, Communication   
Justin Grimmer, Stanford University, Political Science
Sheryl-Ann Simpson and Nancy Erbstein, UC Davis, Human Ecology

Technology: Changing Us
Moderator: Ellen Hartigan-O’Connor, UC Davis, History
Caren Kaplan, UC Davis, American Studies
David Henkin, UC Berkeley, History 
Carolyn Thomas, UC Davis, American Studies

Social Sciences: Researching Us
A roundtable discussion on the impact of technology on social sciences disciplines and research
Moderator: Joe Dumit, UC Davis, Director of ISS
antiago Barreda, UC Davis, Linguistics
manda Guyer, UC Davis, Human Ecology and CMB
Duncan Temple Lang, UC Davis, Statistics
Cecilia Tsu, UC Davis, History

Keynote session
James Fowler, UC San Diego, Political Science
"The Power of Friends”

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DAY 3: Social Networks in Decision Making

Friday, May 8, 2015
Walter A. Buehler Alumni Center, AGR ROOM

A philosophical problem: From David Lewis to Signaling Networks
Moderator: Aldo Antonelli, UC Davis, Philosophy
Brian Skyrms, UC Irvine, Logic and Philosophy of Science

Primate Origins of Human Decisions   
Moderator: Margaret Crofoot, UC Davis, Anthropology
Sarah Brosnan, Georgia State, Psychology
Jochen Ditterich, UC Davis, Center for Neuroscience
Brenda McCowan, UC Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine

Networking the Disciplines  
Moderator: A. Colin Cameron, UC Davis, Economics
Susan Athey, Stanford, Graduate School of Business
Raissa D’Souza, UC Davis, Computer Science and Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Chris Smith, UC Davis, Sociology  

Keynote session
Matthew Jackson, Economics, Stanford University

Wrap up Q&A
Moderated by George Barnett, UC Davis, Chair of Communication

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