Individual Projects

ISS Individual Research Grants support new work by individual (and, particularly, junior) social sciences faculty in the UC Davis College of Letters and Science.

2016-17 | 2015-16 | 2014-15


  • Testing a School-based Stress Reduction Intervention for Elementary School Children
    Camelia Hostinar, Assistant Professor, Psychology
  • Spaces of Power: Mapping Authority in Late Imperial China
    Quinn Javers, Assistant Professor, History
  • A Dataset on Bilateral Cooperation in Global Counterterrorism Networks
    Brandon Kinne, Assistant Professor, Political Science
  • American Hegemony and the Rise of China
    David McCourt, Assistant Professor, Sociology
  • Pakistan Community Pollution Monitoring
    Arman Rezaee, Assistant Professor, Economics
  • Improving Health Risk Assessment Through the Wisdom of Crowds
    Jingwen Zhang, Assistant Professor, Communication



  • The Effect of Self-Control on Academic Success in Mexican-Origin Youth
    Wiebke Bleidorn, Assistant Professor, Psychology
  • The Economics of Universal Service: An Analysis of Entry Subsidies for Rural Broadband
    Andre Boik, Assistant Professor, Economics
  • Conflict and Consensus: Reaching Group Decisions in Primate Societies
    Margaret Crofoot, Assistant Professor, Anthropology
  • Bilingual Challenges in Language Acquisition
    Katharine Graf Estes, Assistant Professor, Psychology
  • Issue Salience and Priorities in the American Electorate
    Christopher Hare, Assistant Professor, Political Science
  • Supporting Children of Immigrants’ Special Needs in California’s New Era of Local Control
    Jacob Hibel, Assistant Professor, Sociology
  • We Will Remain Métis: Race, Family, and Citizenship in Twentieth Century Francophone Africa and Europe, ca. 1914-1962
    Rachel Jean-Baptiste, Associate Professor, History
  • The Genealogy of Western Parties
    Stephanie Mudge, Assistant Professor, Sociology
  • The European Court of Justice and the Domestic Politics of Compliance
    Lauren Peritz, Assistant Professor, Political Science
  • Genetic Research, Race, and Informed Consent
    Tina Rulli, Assistant Professor, Philosophy
  • Gender Disparity and Network Dynamics in Virtual Worlds
    Cuihua (Cindy) Shen, Assistant Professor, Communication
  • Examining Racial Bias in Fatal and Nonfatal Police Shootings, 2015
    Chris Smith, Assistant Professor, Sociology


2014-15 (click titles for progress reports)

  • The Effects of Information about Income Inequality on Public Support for Taxes
    Cheryl Boudreau, Associate Professor, Political Science
  • Political Mobility, Institutional Change and Legislative Behavior
    Scott MacKenzie, Assistant Professor, Political Science