Interdisciplinary Readings in Biology and Communication Science

Hosted by Associate Professor of Communication Narine Yegiyan.

The goal of the group is to facilitate and improve understanding of biological factors contributing to human interaction and message processing. While the biological perspective on communication is a rapidly growing field of study, our programs do not provide the interdisciplinary training that required to make a meaningful contribution.

The group will read research that employs various psychophysiological methods such as EEG, eye-tracking, fMRI, skin conductance, heart rate, and EMG to address the role of biological factors in how people process information. We will pull studies from various disciplines such as psychology, communication, health communication, human development, game studies and others to gain a better understanding of how these methodologies can be used and interpreted. Time and funding permitting, we will make an effort to invite other UC Davis professors with expertise in specific methodologies to advise the group and guide our understanding.

Open to all. Meeting schedule and location TBD.

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