Faculty Resources

Links and Informational resources for faculty members in the social sciences.

Social Sciences IT Service Center 
Access the Social Sciences IT service center

Social Sciences Cluster Administrative Structure
As part of our ongoing effort to streamline administration, focus our resources on the academic priorities of our faculty and students, and provide clearer career paths for our staff, Social Sciences have four administrative clusters and three service centers to provide core services. Download the attached file for more information: Social Sciences Cluster Administrative Structure.

Ombudsman's Office 
The UC Davis Ombuds Office is a confidential, independent, impartial, and informal problem-solving and conflict management resource for all members of the UC Davis campus community.

Resources for Faculty

Social Sciences Research Service Center 
Access the Social Sciences research service center.

Social Sciences Data Service 
Access to the Social Science Data Service center.

Publication Assistance Fund
The Publication Assistance Fund assists Senate faculty, particularly those early in their career, with the publication of important scholarly books. 

Recruitment and Retention Research Support Funds
The Recruitment and Retention Research Support Funds are awarded in the recruitment and retention of faculty to promote their research productivity.

Course Buyout Policy 
Full‐time faculty are permitted to reduce their teaching load by buying out up to two courses annually. For more information see the full Course Buyout Policy.

Academic Year Salary Recovery from Extramural Grants 
This page outlines policies for the recovery of faculty academic year salaries from extramural research grants.

Principal Investigator (PI) Bridge Program
The PI Bridge Program, now administered by the Office of Research, allows faculty to receive research funding support should they be in the unfortunate situation of having either lost their extramural funding or will lose their primary extramural funding.