Understanding Syria

Hosted by Distinguished Research Professor of Anthropology Suad Joseph and Anthropology PhD candidate Tanzeen Doha.

In this reading group, we will discuss the contemporary Syrian War and the historical conditions out of which it emerged. Over ten sessions, we will read selections from texts in political science, history, sociology, and other disciplines in the social sciences. While this reading group will focus on the problematic of Syria from an empirical standpoint, it will also dwell on conceptual questions focused on religion, secularism, sectarianism, crisis, and temporality.

Note: Undergraduates can earn 2 upper division units for taking the seminar as an independent study course (ANT 198). In order to receive the 2 units, students must regularly participate in the reading group and produce a 4-page paper by the end of the quarter.  

Winter 2018

Wednesdays, 4:30 - 6:30 p.m. (beginning 1/10/2018)

1271 SS&H (HIA/ISS conference room)

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Open to all. For more information, contact Tanzeen Doha.